Emma Watson attend press conferences

The actress Emma Watson is one of the Hollywood Beautiful she manages to steal the looks on the red carpets for her elegance figure.
Emma Watson attend press conferences and photo sessions for The Beauty and the Beast in France.

Friends from college will mean the return of Cobie Smulders

'Friends from college' will mean the return of Cobie Smulders to television with a main character, having spent his time since the end of 'How I Met Your Mother' to roles in films like 'Unexpected', 'Results' or 'The Intervention' as well as the character of Marvel Maria Hill, who has appeared in 'the Avengers',' Captain America: the Winter Soldier "and" the Avengers: the age of Ultron 'and in three episodes of the' Agents of series SHIELD '.

Jessica Burciaga in Playboy

It is not uncommon for several people confused with Jennifer Lopez, the model Jessica Burciaga . Instagram , thanks to the sensual photographs frequently  share and also by the resemble  to Jennifer Lopez .While Lopez was born in this area of New York, Burciaga is a native of  California, a place where he has spent much of his life, but left to pursue modeling, .While it is known for its resemble  to Lopez, for many users of Instagram, she keeps quite similar with Kim Kardashian. Therefore, there are several people who recommend you to have black hair color. 

Jennifer Lopez in Shades of Blue

The Picture of the Jennifer Lopez helps build a preconceived image of the series. Producers often have when they decide to sign it . Jennifer Lopez accepts a leading role in a series , it will be a tough agent with an emotional component to attract female audience.Now find out  balance is maintained  Shades of blue , will have a second season.

Elsa Pataky and Miley Cyrus Together in a Photo

It is surprising to see Elsa Pataky and Miley Cyrus together in a photos, this will not be the last time. The Spanish actress and singer have become pose together on Instagram, this time at a meeting of friends in one of the coolest areas of West Hollywood.

Marion Cotillard Cannes Screening Two Films in 2016

Marion Cotillard Cannes Screening Two Films in 2016 . Hopefully in the next Cannes, Marion Cotillard takes her much deserved award as Best Actress . Returns to the festival twice, Competing with two films that look very promising .

Taylor Swift Won the Award for Best Album

In addition to winning several awards in the last Grammy Awards , Taylor Swift won the award for best album of the year , you know what that means? That star has just become the first woman to win for the second time .

Jennifer Lawrence Feels

Actress Jennifer Lawrence feels responsible for the wage gap between men and women in the film industry since it is difficult to negotiate your salary directly with those who hire them. "I feel weird negotiating. I feel uncomfortable asking for more money, I do not want to be seen as a darling. I do not want to be seen as all those things you just call women. There's nobody else I can blame it on me same [for the difference in salaries]. I want to be the person to tell you that it is very difficult to say, what is rare and very difficult. One day I want to be able to speak and not joke and not put it mildly, simply you say, "

Lea Seydoux in James Bond Movie

Léa Seydoux has been making a hole in Hollywood step by step and without fear, with only 30 yearsage . Nobody expected a French get the heights of popularity in recent years
A minor role in Inglorious Bastards , a bit of Woody Allen in Midnight in Paris , a time when The Grand Budapest Hotel , a slip in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol .

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