Salma Hayek New Film

Mexican actress Salma Hayek today attributed his successful career in Hollywood to have on-screen chemistry with his Spanish counterpart Antonio Banderas, with whom he debuted in the U.S. 16 years ago and today share the stage again, for the sixth time in the 3D animated film "Puss in Boots". "I do not know how to do chemistry, but I am very grateful to you I have to thank Antonio because I'm working, because if I had not I would have hired chemistry in 'Desperado' and I would not have a career" admitted during the presentation in Buenos Aires the animated film, in which she and Banderas provide the voices for the characters. "If it had not worked this time, I had not been rehired and at age 45 still working, then I do not know how chemistry is given, but I am very grateful to the chemistry that I have with this great star," he said Mexican. The actors, who were very relaxed and constant winks and laughs shared with the team during a press conference held at a luxury hotel in the capital of Argentina, recalled fondly that first movie that starred together in 1995, when both were "full of dreams ", said the Spanish actor, who lives in Los Angeles. Both stressed how difficult it was time for Latinos to break into Hollywood, and therefore emphasized what it means for the community that two decades later a film on the scale of "Puss in Boots" is starring two Hispanics. "When I came to the U.S. For almost 22 years, I said, 'if you stay here all you're gonna get is playing characters of the wicked, from drug dealers, thieves, lowlifes'. And suddenly, that this is definitely the biggest bet you ever made a film Hollywood Hispanic character, makes me very proud, "said Banderas. "It's great for our community that Hollywood thinks that way, where in addition to the female character is not a submissive girl, abandoned to the hands of a man, but has a free spirit, an independent woman," said the actor, for who this in a children's film "comes to play an important role for cultural diversity and respect" of the community. The CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg said that the objective of his Dreamworks cartoon factory was just praising the film the best of the Hispanic culture, as they did in their day in "Kung Fu Panda" with China. The film's director, Chris Miller, also highlighted the important role it has played as "guardian" of the film Guillermo del Toro, who has served as executive producer and has meant to him as a "mentor". Banderas said that both his character, "Puss in Boots", like Hayek, Kitty Softpaws, have something of his personality and the roles they have played throughout their careers. At the same time, said he would like to look a bit like this character that has become part of his life, since he lent his voice for the first time in the first part of "Shrek" ten years ago. "I would be so heroic, as brave as he, have a sense of friendship, loyalty, honor ... From friendship I do believe that I have, I'm coming from a spear in my favor: I think a lot of respect my friends and that crop. And at the same time is a little scoundrel, that although I do not like to admit it, I think I am, "he said. When asked by a journalist, the actor jokingly said that "the most important American culture" has brought to his life "has blue eyes and is called Melanie", referring to his wife, actress Melanie Griffith. "They have taught me to be a little more punctual and organized, but not that much, that if there is a heaviness. I came to be an absolute disaster, and came to American culture had to go a little more in order, but at the same time I do not want to become one of their robots, "joked Hayek also. "Puss in Boots", which is achieving great success at the U.S. box office, and Argentine hit theaters on December 8, could have a second part, as Banderas supporter today was a possible sequel Katzenberg and not the rule.