Filmography of Monica Bellucci. Data on all the movies I participate Monica Bellucci

BRIGANTI (1990) by Marco Modugno
THE RIFFA (1991) by Francesco Laudadio
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (1992) by Francis Ford Coppola
OSTINATO DESTINATION (1992) by Gianfranco Albano
I MITICI (1994) by Carlo Vanzina
PALLA DI NEVE (1995) by Maurizio Nichetti
IL CIELO E SEMPRE PIU BLU (1995) by Antonio Luigi Grimaldi
THE APARTMENT (1996) by Gilles Mimouni
EAT MY VUOI (1996) by Carmine Amoroso
DOBERMANN (1997) by Jan Kounen
MAUVAIS GENRE (1997) by Laurent Bénégui
STRESSATI (1997) by Mauro Cappelloni
PLEASURE (1998) by Nicolas Boukhrief
L'ULTIMO CAPODANNO (1998) by Marco Risi
A LOVERS (1998) by Isabel Coixet
Mediterranees (1998) by Philippe Berenger
COMME UN POISSON HORS DE L'EAU (1999) by Hervé Hadmar
FRANCK spadone (2000) by Richard Bean
Malena (2000) by Giuseppe Tornatore
UNDER SUSPICION (2000) by Stephen Hopkins
THE COVENANT OF THE WOLVES (2001) by Christophe Gans
Asterix and Obelix: MISSION CLEOPATRA (2002) by Alain Chabat
IRREVERSIBLE (2002) Gaspar Noé
MATRIX RELOADED (2003) by Andy and Larry Wachowski
MATRIX RELOADED (2003) by Andy and Larry Wachowski
Ricordati DI ME (2003) by Gabriele Muccino
THE MATRIX REVOLUTIONS (2003) by Andy and Larry Wachowski
TEARS OF THE SUN (2003) by Antoine Fuqua
AGENTS SECRETS (2004) by Frederic Schoendoerffer
SHE HATE ME (2004) by Spike Lee
THE BROTHERS GRIMM (2005) by Terry Gilliam
Combien tu gagnes? (2005) by Bertrand Blier