Kate Winslet Titanic Drawing Scene Uncut Video

No doubt 'Titanic' has been and is one of the favorite movies of many people. Although it has many memories about the movie that made ​​the leap to stardom, not all are good. In fact, the singer of Rose confesses that the well known song 'My heart will go on', which identifies the production of James Cameron , I "want to vomit" each time you listen. "I would love to say, 'Listen, everybody! Song is Celine Dion!' But I can not. Simply feel bad, I put a straight face and try to hide my annoyed look," declared Kate to MTV about the Oscar-winning theme. It has been 15 years since its release and it seems that people forget is not overproduction. Moreover, each time you go to a restaurant or a bar, they sound in his honor the happy song I loathe both the actress. A gesture that they do as Winslet detail and that causes great anger. "God bless you, Celine, but the song really has me sick." Not only had words for the work of Dion. We also wanted to refer to his co-star Leonardo DiCaprio , which has said that with the passage of time is fatter. Come on! that anyone would say that is grateful to 'Titanic' fame throughout the world has given.