Roselyn Sánchez Movies and TV Shows

Roselyn Sánchez was born in 1973 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. she made a certain name modeling in her country, she even got the title of "Miss Puerto Rico Petite" in 1993. When she was 21 years old, Roselyn decided to abandon her studies at the University of Puerto Rico and her native country to move to New York, in order to study dance and aquatics. His first work in the Big Apple was in the play "Out here on my own", in which he not only acted, but also wrote it. His first role in American television was achieved in the novel "As the World Turns", where he played Pilar. On the big screen she was seen in films like: "Chasing Papi" with Sofía Vergara and Jaci Velazquez, "Basic" with John Travolta, "Boat Trip" with Cuba Gooding Jr., and "Rush Hour 2" with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. More recently she was seen in the film "The Game Plan", along with Dwayne Johnson. In television it was seen in programs like "Kojak", "Dragnet", "The Drew Carey Show" and "In-Laws", among others. Currently she can be seen in the hit series "Without a Trace", where she plays Elena Delgado. In another aspect of her life, in 2003, Roselyn was launched as a singer with an album titled "Borinqueña". In January 2008, he undertook to marry the actor Eric Winter.