Better Still Fantasize About The Most Adorable And Hot Couple Possible

Since filming Baywatch , it is rumored that the 32-year-old actress has a relationship with the sexy blue-eyed actor. However, despite all the affection shown to each other in social networks, she wants everyone to know that they are just friends."We are very good friends," Daddario told People when asked about the status of his relationship with Efren. "he and I have worked together and we are very good friends."The last time they saw them together in public was two months ago, in the company of their respective dogs.Alexandra also clarified the nature of her relationship with Zac. "We work very closely, he's my romantic interest in the film, I understand why people can go crazy with something like that, but he and I are very good friends We would have children with very blue eyes, right?"Do we believe him? Or better still fantasize about the most adorable and hot couple possible?