Chloë Grace Moretz is Not One of Those Actresses Who Give the Note

Chloë Grace Moretz is not one of those actresses who give the note. Since he started fifteen years ago his career is impeccable. He does not have a scandal in his curriculum, he has successes such as Kick-Ass: Ready to Crush and The Equalizer: The Protector and his fortune exceeds 10 million euros . A trajectory that includes an active presence in social networks and two years of a courtship with Brooklyn Beckham , son of Victoria and David Beckham. The rebellion leaves it for the movies. But talking, speaking clearly, on the screen and outside of it. That is one of the reasons why he does not leave the cinema; At 21, she has thought about it because she is tired of the papers they offer. A different issue is what she seeks herself. "As a woman I want to take the reins of the content that bears my name," he recently declared to EL PAÍS. As an example, its latest release, The Miseducation of Cameron Post , calls attention to the "conversion therapies" used for upnormal reorientation, a practice that the European Parliament condemns but that is too common in the United States. "I have two homosexual brothers and I know what I'm talking about," says the actress. Chloë remembers the "coming out of the closet" of her brothers as much or more than the beginning of her career. I was 11 years old. Then he found the strength that now characterizes it. "When they told me I shrugged, wondering how important it was, they were still the same people as always, my brothers, two healthy kids," he recalls. It did not take long to see how what was normal for her, others were not able to see it. "There I knew it had to be his voice," he admits. He does not say it only for his brothers but for the entire LGBTQ community . He also talks about it, the rights of women, of feminism. "I speak of a defense of all those groups that are subjugated by the normal of society",