Steven Spielbergs Heroine Actress Olivia Cooke

Steven Spielberg's heroine actress olivia cooke, The actress, who has participated in films tells us in Los Angeles how it has been to work with King Midas of Hollywood.Well, something intresting, yes. The week before the call they made me go to the production offices to read the entire script. They gave me two hours of time, and I saw myself with the casting director, Susan Lewis, who told me that everything looked great. But I knew how all this was going, so I tried not to get too excited. I expected the best and prepared for the worst.

 The longest and most complicated, sure. In Los Angeles they made me read with six boys for two days, three boys every day. And also in New York, with six other girls. And the boys and girls with whom I did the tests did not know that there were other candidates, they did not see each other, they had everything prepared in detail, like a well-oiled machine ready to work.My mother has always supported me a lot and she is very proud, but I am still her Olivia and she keeps shouting and fighting me and, like all mothers, feeling frustrated when I do not do things as I think I should do them.