The Cuban Ana de Armas Virtually Fell in Love

The Cuban Ana de Armas virtually fell in love with us last year since the movie 'Blade Runner 2049', with her chestnut-colored look half-made and her bangs falling over her eyes to the 'curtain fringe'. Before the actress had made it clear that the chestnut, his natural tone, is one of the most favorable and a few weeks ago we returned to captivate in that way and, also, distributing hair with two braids on each side that joined in the back in a collected. However, everyone likes to change and Ana is, by the looks of it, a great lover of blonde hair, color to which she returns from time to time, more or less intensely.Some time ago I opted for blond highlights and California highlights to strategically light up her hair, but that did not seem enough.This week we were surprised from Brazil with a different look than usual and much clearer. In addition, this time is not limited to a few wicks, but to all the hair, which Ana de Armas has decided to turn into 'battery blonde' , that is, the fashion color of this summer and the one that has ousted the cold platinum blond ash of the hairdressers that are up to date